Super Sunday 2018


         The Show/Event was modified this year and simply called Super Sunday 2018.  The event was held June 3, 2018, from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Art, craft, and antique exhibitors were encouraged to join us on the first Sunday in June.   Miscellaneous items for sale  welcomed.  The funds from the event are used to help maintain the Museum.

The event has been held almost continuously for many years and is based on a homecoming celebration in Washington starting in 1952.  The group ”Just Banjos”  provided music in the afternoon.  Walt’s Diggety Dogs and  GoCheez were available for snacks.  The Plant Lady had the Orphan Plant Sale.  The Museum was open for tours and a 'Silent Auction’  was held with 25 sponsors.    A  Patriotic Spirit Art Contest was planned for young artist participation.  There was no fee to participate.  We had two winners selected and each received a vintage toy for their participation. Volunteers are always welcome to help at the Show.  

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