Washington Historical Museum

The Washington Historical Museum is in the old Washington High School. The school was built in 1916 and officially opened in January, 1917. It was constructed with three classrooms upstairs and an auditorium downstairs. Classes were held in this building until 1972.

The Museum was established in 1975 and incorporates special exhibits in five large rooms with a Freedom Shrine that includes more than 30 photographic reproductions of historic documents. Other exhibits include items from the greater Washington area, farm tools, a printing press, old pictures of the Washington and Romeo area, displays with items from the Civil War, World War I and II, and Desert Storm. The Museum also has an extensive collection of genealogical information.

The Museum is featuring an extensive display on George Washington, which includes many pictures and commemorative items from our country's Bicentennial. 

In 2007, the Historical Society initiated an Historic Date Plaque Program.  Any structure 50 years or older will qualify if it is researched and documented with an abstract, deeds, maps, court records, tax records, newspaper articles, family histories, etc.

The Gift Shop has many items reminiscent of "days gone by" in Washington Township including postcards, maps, photographs and a reprint of "Through These Doors", a history of the Washington High School.

The John Dyer-Hurdon Boy Scout Museum contains the largest collection of Boy Scout paraphernalia in the southeastern Michigan area covering the entire history of the Boy Scouts and also has many items from the Girl Scouts.  The collection was initiated in 1984 by John Dyer-Hurdon.  By about 2004, the Scout Museum had over 10,000 visitors.  

The Museum is located on Van Dyke between 26 Mile and West Road.

For special tours of the Museum, call (586) 786-5304 (leave message) or (248) 652-2458. For tours of the Boy Scout Museum, call Mark Fobare  586-850-3673.

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