Super Sunday 2022

  The event has been held almost continuously for many years and is based on a homecoming celebration in Washington starting in 1952.  In previous years we have had the group Just Banjos providing music and  Walt’s Diggety Dogs  available for snacks.  The Plant Lady has held the Orphan Plant Sale.  The Museum was always open for tours and we have had a  'Silent Auction’ for the last couple of years.  

   The event is the principal fund raiser for the Historical Society.   Our Super Sunday event was held  on June 5, 2022.   We set up tents for the show on Saturday ,June 4, and marked out spaces with the help of Al, Mark, Kitty, Cherie, Claire, Megan and  Kirk.  Claire picked up the donuts from Verellens for the vendors early on June 6.  The Plant Lady sold plants and a variety of items from her tent.  The Silent Auction was set in in our meeting room by Cherie and Terry.  Snacks and beverages were provided by The Hot Dog Peddler, Don and Qwen Allen. The group  "Just Banjos" provided music in the afternoon.  The Museum was open for tours and the weather was just right for our event.  A big thank you to all the volunteers:  Al, Mark, Kitty, Cherie, Terry, Kirk, Pat,Todd, Claire, Megan, Dave and Mike.

  There is no admission fee for the Museum with five rooms of exhibits. Volunteers are always welcome to help. 

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