Photo Album

      A place for a series of pictures from events and programs of the Greater Washington Area Historical Society over  with notations and recognition of our members.


       The sign for the Museum was sponsored by the Preceptor Delta Beta Sorority of Beta Sigma Phi.  The ladies routinely decorate and maintain the sign.  The  photo was taken in October 2022.

                        The Washington Historical Museum in July, 2022.

      Registering at the first golf outing fund raiser for the Greater Washington Area Historical Society at the Greystone Golf Club on June 16, 2022.  Jan Donovan is looking for Christine’s name on the list of participants.  Cherie Allen seems occupied with another conversation.  Sam Previti, Township Supervisor, with the Golf Outing Committee arranged the very successful event.

    Mark Fobare was one of the principal speakers at the Macomb County Heritage Alliance Meeting held at the Washington Senior Center, April 30, 2022, and cohosted by the Friends of the Octagon House and the Greater Washington Area Historical Society.  The meeting had been postponed for two years because of the pandemic.  Pat Hallman also made a presention at the meeting. 

     At the Washington Elementary School , the Art Teacher, Sara Resnick, and the  finalists for the Ron Gordon Memorial George Washington Art Contest assembled and ready for their pizza lunch at the Washington Museum on March 3, 2023.

     Early gathering on the reception line at the Golf Outing June 15, 2023, Greystone Golf Club.  Sam Previti, on the right in the back, Chairman of the Golf Outing Committee and President of the Historical Society.  Terry Goike on right in front getting raffle tickets ready for sale.  Weather was just great for the second annual event which was very successful in raising funds to replace the roof at the Museum.

     Super Sunday, June 4, 2023.  Front lawn at the Museum.  Cherie Allen in the Historical Society tent on the left.  A very good day for our 45th annual event.  The Museum was open for tours.  The van on the right in the back is from the library.

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